Roadking – The New Hollies; Site Terms and Conditions 2016.

Roadking,The New Hollies, is a privately owned Truck Stop site offering conditional use to the General Public and Truck Drivers.
The facilities consist of two Car parking areas and a large Truck parking area for HGV’s of all types. Other Facilities are a Café, a Licensed Bar, Washing facilities and Toilet facilities.
Although the site is open to the public upon payment or otherwise this open invitation for the Public to visit and utilise the facilities is upon condition that they comply with site rules, conditions and policies.

Parking rules.

Upon arrival on site, HGV vehicles requiring to park over 2 hours are to follow the site directional markings and proceed to a Parking bay marked with Yellow Paint. The vehicle is to park within the constraints of the Bay markings. Should a vehicle occupy two spaces the Driver may be required to move or alternatively pay for both spaces.
Security and Parking Staff are on site to safely park HGV Vehicles by offering directions and allocating spaces. Where a member of the Parking team requires a vehicle to park in a certain place and in a certain manner this forms a condition for Parking. Failure to obey directions from parking staff may cause the withdrawal of invitation to park and the Driver may be required to leave the site.

Speed limits are in place on site to ensure the safety of staff and customers. The speed limit is 5MPH and during low speed parking manoeuvres Drivers are advised to switch on their hazard warning lights.

Private Cars and Pedestrians are not permitted in the Truck parking area unless authorised by a Member of Parking Staff for a specific purpose. Drivers and any other Pedestrians who are walking within the site are advised to take extra care to avoid manoeuvring vehicles and to wear high-vis wherever possible.

Parking over 2 hours.

Parking over 2 hours requires a parking ticket which can be obtained at the Parking reception desk. Prices vary based on the vehicle type and size and these prices are on display in Parking reception.

Refrigerated Vehicles.

All Refrigerated vehicles are to park in the Front row of the Truck Park near to the site entrance. Running Refrigeration units parking elsewhere will be required to move to the correct area or alternatively turn off the fridge or leave the site.


Dropped trailers are to park in the front row of the truck Park near to the refrigerated units. If this is inappropriate for whatever reason a trailer can be dropped elsewhere but only with the direction of Parking Staff.

Separate rules apply to our Licensed Bar and gaming Machine area and they can be found displayed within those areas.

Parking on our site safely is the responsibility of the Driver. RoadKing will take no responsibility for the vehicles and Trailers and their loads within. Management reserve the right to ask anyone to immediately leave the site if their behaviour is unacceptable for whatever reason. Persons found to be abusing the site rules or behaving in a manner which is unreasonable may be reported to their company or in cases where they may have broken the law, reported to Staffordshire Police.